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3 Key Capsule Wardrobe Items for Rectangle Shapes


The Rectangle body shape is very familiar to most of us, as it’s the shape most models are; this works for photoshoots and such as the clothes ‘hang’ well for the pictures. As we continue through our body shape guide, we’ll focus on the capsule pieces that best suit those of us with a Rectangle shape. These are the items we can swap out easily, to have a selection of different outfits using the same staple pieces, so we can create a ‘put together’ look pretty effortlessly.

For a ‘capsule wardrobe’ overhaul, you can do a full clearout and start over, or simply begin to invest in a few staple essentials and move towards the change gently… either way we’re here to help!

Here are 3 of the basic essential items for those of us blessed with a Rectangle Shape. 

If you’re Rectangle Shaped, your primary features are:

  • Straight shoulder line
  • Less waist definition
  • Straight hips and bum
  • If you put on or lose weight, it will likely be an even distribution


Item 1 – Your Ideal Dress

A semi fitted dress, which has a few nips and tucks in just the right places to create visual interest, will really flatter your shape. You more or less have your choice of neckline – from high to halter, and you can use sweetheart or scooped necklines to show off your fabulous collarbones and shoulders. Asymmetric dresses are also great as they accentuate curves on the body. You can make use of creative detailing to form those curves at your hips and bust.


Item 2 – Your Ideal Top

Your focus will be on wide belts, rounded shoulder or loose bustline, with fitted waist panels that draw the eye inwards. Look for tops that showcase your bust and shoulders, with a fitted or belted waistline. Short jackets will help shape your waist, and neat tailored looks are fantastic for you. You can use strong blocks of colour to help define your body.


Item 3 – Your Ideal Bottom

You’re a perfect fit for skinny jeans, so enjoy them! Try on trousers with an emphasised waist, it’ll work great for your shape, with accents and trims that create curves at the waist and hip. You can work with boyfriend jeans too, or a straight leg, or a slight flare, or ankle grazers, or a cropped style… you’re starting to see why this body shape is a good one to model clothes on?! Details at the hip, thigh or leg are great for you, as they add a little bulk and draw the eye.


We’ve chosen our new season stock specifically to suit the basic body shapes – Apple, Hourglass, Pear, Rectangle and Strawberry, so definitely call in if you’re a little confused, and our professional stylists will sort you right out. There’s something to suit everyone’s shape over at Redlane!



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