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3 Key Capsule Wardrobe Items for Strawberry Shapes


The Strawberry body shape is one in which your shoulders are taking center stage, making the waist and hips look narrow and giving an athletic appearance overall. As we finish up our body shape series, we’ll show you the essential capsule pieces that best suit those of us with a Strawberry shape. This is the basis of a system you can use to save yourself time and money, do less laundry, and reclaim lost space in your life!

For a ‘capsule wardrobe’, you just choose some basic versatile pieces that you love to wear, that make you look fab… so basing those choices on what suits your body shape best, makes sense.

Here are 3 of the staple items for those of us sporting a Strawberry Shape. 

If you’re Strawberry Shaped, your primary features are:

  • An average to full bust
  • Hips are narrower than your shoulders
  • Flattish hips and bum
  • If you put on or lose weight, it will likely be on your top half.


Item 1 – Your Ideal Dress

You can show off those gorgeous shoulders with strapless or a halter neck dress, keeping the straps wide and set at a flattering angle. Or you can soften your upper half with sheer fabrics, still showing off your shoulders. Lovely legs are often a feature for this body type, so don’t be shy of showing them off with a short dress featuring a flared skirt to balance out the silhouette.


Item 2 – Your Ideal Top

Your focus will be on detailing in the lower half of your outfits. So keep the top simple, and if you’re going for colour contrasts it’ll work best with dark on top and bright below. Slim lines and open sleeve details are great – feel free to experiment with raglans, dropped shoulder points, shoulder slits or cut-outs. A top that has some drape or flow towards the waist and hips will draw the eye in the right direction. Or, try a collarless, tailored look with a nipped in waist, that flares over the hips.


Item 3 – Your Ideal Bottom

A cinched waistline (where the waistband is tighter around the waist and flares out from there) will look really good on Strawberry shaped bodies. You can go for plenty of hip detail and embellishment on pockets, or with patterns to draw the eye. Ladies, honestly, the bigger and bolder you want to go on the bottom, the better – think cuffed legs, cargo pockets, and even harem pants! Try wearing a big bold pattern on the bottom, with a wide leg shape, to bring the focus downward.


We’ve chosen our new season stock specifically to suit the basic body shapes – Apple, Hourglass, Pear, Strawberry and Strawberry, so definitely call in if you’re a little confused, and our professional stylists will sort you right out. There’s something to suit everyone’s shape over at Redlane!


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