Confirm Your Class

It’s all getting very prayerful in 6th classes right now for the Confirmations coming up – and Mammies all over the country are starting to pray too… but for us it can be more like panic prayers along the lines of “Oh Holy God, what will I even wear for that?”

Things can all get a bit mad for the First Holy Communion, almost like a mini wedding in some cases, and if it’s your first time with a kid making Confirmation you’d be forgiven for worrying a bit about the cost and the hassle of this one again now. But generally speaking, the Confirmations are a somewhat down-to-earth do, and a lot easier on your parental stress levels.

You can expect to see outfits ranging from jeans and a jumper, to full on flounce meringue affairs on the day – and that’s just the mothers. Never fear though, we’re here to advise you on how to keep it stylish and practical for this big day out.

Generally, you’ll want to keep it simple. Go for clean, classic lines, and avoid the more fabulous trends of the day. Sure, these pictures will be sitting above over your fireplace for many years to come, you don’t want to be cringing every time it catches your eye.

A good bet is a statement skirt with a plain sleek top; something like a neutral cami or light blouse tucked into a stronger skirt, maybe in a bolder colour, or with a single print or design detail to give it a bit of style.

If you’d like to fancy it up a bit more than that and wear the dress, that’s a good choice too, but again stick to the classics with a wrap or a shift style for a sophisticated silhouette. Sleeveless can work, especially with a waterfall light jacket or wrap to soften it, or there are loads of lovely full sleeved or half sleeve shift dresses in block colours or light prints, which will look gorgeous and be very forgiving after the nice comfortable winter of good food and not moving much that many of us have enjoyed.

With all this simplicity working so well for you, it might be tempting to glam things up with some impressive accessories… Now, let me tell you we’re not averse to an extravagant fascinator or metallic clutch here at Redlane, in fact we have some new stock coming online this week that’ll blow your sparkly socks off if you love them like we do!

But that’s not really going to work out well for the Confirmation day, for most of us. You don’t want to be blinding the Bishop with a stray beam of light coming in through the stained glass window and bouncing off your bag straight into his eyes, now do you?

No, nobody wants that.

Keep it classy, and you can confirm your effortless elegance on the day, just as your child confirms their promises to Holy God.



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