dressing for your body shape

Dressing for Your Body Shape

Dress to Impress

That time of year is upon us again Ladies – we’ve only just about got over having to worry about what to wear for the holidays, and now we have the big family occasions looming ever closer on the horizon… Communions and Confirmations ahoy!

Maybe you are well versed in getting the right occasion wear for the right occasion, but you just want a little refresher – or maybe you’ve been hiding in baggy clothes for years and it’s panic stations right now for what the hell to wear for the super holy day.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you!

Contrary to what ALL the diet and fashion mags are telling you, your weight is not the issue here. Let that sink in for a minute there Mary, because it’s really important.

It’s not your size that determines whether you look fab or drab. Dressing for your body shape is what does it, and you can make or break your outfit by choosing something that really does, or just doesn’t, suit your shape.

What’s My Body Shape?

Simply, there are 5 shapes we work with at Redlane: Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle, and Strawberry. We detail each of these shapes, and how to figure out which one you are, in our Style Club Guide to Find Your Basic Body Shape Here. Or if you call into the store, one of our professional stylists will be only delighted to help you figure it out – it’s not too hard once you know what to look for.

Dress for an Apple Shape

A knee length wrap style dress will create a balanced silhouette, particularly with a tie or belt detail to the side to effectively create a strong waist line. Or you can try something like an empire style maxi with a loose, floaty skirt to skim the hips and fall gracefully to the floor.

Dress for a Pear Shape

Go retro! A cute 1950’s style dress could be perfect for you – with a detailed neck line to draw attention up, and a full flared skirt that doesn’t nip in and draw attention to your hips.

Dress for an Hourglass Shape

Fitted is your friend! A snug wiggle or bodycon dress will suit you, particularly with a nipped in waist that skims your curves exactly. A fishtail skirt will work for you too; the little kick flare behind the knee or at the calves does a lovely job balancing it all out, top to toe!

Dress for a Rectangle Shape

A sweetheart neckline can work wonders to create curves around your chest, while an on-trend peplum gives extra padding round the hips and backside, working to balance your silhouette towards a figure of eight.

Dress for a Strawberry Shape

Go for a V neck to show off your bust and break up your shoulder line, and a slightly flared or A line skirt that will balance your top out nicely.


We’ve chosen our new season stock specifically to suit these basic body shapes, so there’s something for everyone’s shape and special occasion over at Redlane!



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