Ella Boo Fashion

Irish brand Ella Boo has gone from strength to strength, from modest beginnings in a Dublin pub in 2009.

These clothes are designed with the Irish woman in mind – they saw the need for a well-coordinated look, with something for all ages. Talking about the classic wedding wear occasion, co-founder Grainne Walsh said: “I wanted it to be a bit more expressive and younger than what is generally offered to mothers of the bride, who are probably only in their 40s, or young 50s, anyway.”

The range runs from size 8 to 18, with an excellent cut and fit.

“I did a lot of work on fit,” Grainne said. “I am a size 12, yet, when I go out shopping, I might be a size 14 with one label and a size eight in another. It is confusing and frustrating for the customer. So Ella Boo’s 12 is a real 12.” (Sunday Independent Interview, 2010)

This brand is an ideal fit for the lady who wants to stand out in a crowd, using bright colours and fun prints while remaining very flattering in its shapes. They’re hugely popular in both UK and Ireland, and in recent years has enjoyed expanding international success. The Ella Boo range consists of women’s dresses and separate pieces which are understated yet striking, and perfect for special events.

The cut is modern, as are details; we see contrast panelling, funky jackets, drawstring waists and necklines, razor-sharp pencil skirts, flirty tops, and very feminine dresses. And the quality is exceptional, every time.

“I think we get too obsessed with trends. It becomes a race and all the meaning is lost… Ireland has a different relationship with fashion. People trust staff and their boutiques; they buy what they like, not just what is on trend.” – Grainne Walsh, Designer.




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