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Fall Into Fashion

We’re all about finding your own style at Redlane, but we do keep a good eye on the runway trends each season and stock accordingly… so you can have your pick of top fashion, professionally styled in a way that suits you.

As the autumn stock deliveries have started to hit the shops, let’s have a look at what’s hot for the Fall season, as they call it across the pond, to give you some insight so you can plan ahead.

Red Hot

Red is so hot right now. Strong, bold and beautiful shades are the way to go for your statement accent colour, an ideal accompaniment to the neutral base pieces of a capsule wardrobe.

While all-over red works best for women with a warm skin tone – brightening up your complexion instantly – you can still wear it if you have a cooler skin tone, like most of us pale Celtic women. The trick here is to add it in accents rather than bold blocks.

Wearing it with just one other colour is your easiest option, particularly if you go for a classic combo like red and white. You can get a chic vibe simply by choosing some red shoes and a matching bag to combine with an otherwise plain white outfit.

Adding a third colour will make it even more dynamic, you could even throw in some animal print for good measure! Keep it to touches in the detailing though, unless you want to recreate that Coronation Street barmaid look on purpose.

Fishnet Features

Evolving from recent lace trends, we’re seeing fishnet feature strongly – Phillip Lim, Simon Miller, and Jason Wu all included panels, detailing or full on fishnet stockings in their collections.

Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr have been packed with fishnet stockings this year – under ripped denims, with oversized shirts and jumpers, or with skirts – and the look has made it to the attention of designers worldwide. Get it by letting them peak out under a few rips in your jeans, be bolder with short denim shorts and flats, or go a bit grungy by teaming them with a floaty floral dress and a pair of ankle boots.

Fall Flowers

Vintage floral prints are still very much on trend this season, with a tip towards large, bold, almost interior looks – like, we’d be a bit careful sitting on a couch in some of the runway offerings, for fear of blending in and getting lost in it. We love it on everything from casual tops to party frocks though, and our customers just can’t get enough of the flowers.

To wear them well, you can pair florals with stripes in the same colour family, or go with statement pieces matched over a bland base and allow the pretty pattern to be the star. Grounding them out with shoes in neutrals or metallic is a good plan.

As usual…

If you’re not sure how to incorporate these trends, our professionally trained and experienced stylists at Redlane will be only delighted to help you out!




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