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How To Wear A Scarf

It seems a bit obvious, right?

I mean, we have necks, and it’s a long bit of fabric or wool that you wrap around said neck. Boom! You’re wearing a scarf!

We were a bit shocked to discover recently though, that “How to Wear a Scarf” is the top fashion question on Google. Yup. It’s a big one, and we’re here to answer it for you, with our usual professional style advice standard.

Ok, so obviously different scarf types can be worn different ways. What’s going to look well with a classic thin silk just won’t work with that lovely chunky woollen your granny knit for you. It just won’t. So let’s take a look at different types.

Long Light Scarf

These won’t keep you warm, really, but are great for adding a touch of class to change up an outfit.

Options include draping it loose over a t-shirt and tucking the ends into a thin belt, wearing it as a belt altogether, draped under the lapels of a blazer, tucking it under the collar of a crisp white dress shirt, or wrapping it round a messy bun for a dash of charm up top.

Loose Fabric Square Scarf

Try ‘the Waterfall’ with this style – drape the scarf so ¾ of it hangs to one side, wrap that side round your neck twice, then take the other end corner and tuck it in on the top right hand-side where it sits on your neck, and the rest of the loose end will fall down the front like a… well, like a waterfall really. As you’d expect. [See a Video Demo]

For ‘the Twist’, you can start with the basic loop round your neck, then take one end and begin twisting it round the existing loop a few times, ending at the centre front. Do the same on the other side, so the twisted bits roughly match up, and you’re left with the shorter ends at the centre front.

how to wear scarf twist

Heavy Woollen Scarf

Besides the obvious wrap it round your neck then flick the end over your shoulder to stay cosy and warm (that’s called ‘the Toss’, in case you were wondering), you can change things up with those lovely big blanket scarves that are in style right now.

For an Infinity loop with any scarf, drape it evenly and then tie the ends together in a knot. Twist your scarf once to form a figure of eight – one loop already around your neck and the other in your hands – and place the second loop over your head, tucking the knot in under the back. [See a Video Demo]

The basic ‘European Loop’ (Fold scarf in half lengthwise, drape folded scarf evenly around neck and slide the two ends through the loop created by the fold) can be fancied up a little (grab loop again and twist to create a second, smaller loop, then slide the ends through that loop, too) called ‘the Braid’, if you’re feeling that.

Redlane Style Club Advice

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