Meet Our Team – Part 2

Jennifer Hartrey, Office Manager & Stylist

Behind the scenes at Redlane is an underground hub of everyday activity, and Jen has her finger on the pulse of it all.

She knows the systems inside and out, getting all those lovely new deliveries sorted and ready for the floor as soon as they arrive through the doors, then photographed and posted online so there’s a constant feed of fresh fashion for us to fall in love with.

Jen understands how it feels to shop on a family budget, and with a body shape that’s not the norm – she’s a tall slim 16 with a long body, so she speciallises in finding a great fit for any body.

And as a breast cancer survivor she’s right there with every woman who’s had to deal with sudden physical changes, and even unexpected loss of style identity, through illness and the road back to health.

She’s like the Mammy of Redlane, often fixing things before we even knew they were going wrong!


Jane Quearney, In-House Stylist

Like a little ray of sunshine, Jane’s greeting as you walk through the doors will warm you up no matter what the weather is doing outside.

She followed her mother’s footsteps into the iconic Switzers when she was just 17 years old, and was there for their transition to Brown Thomas – she was the Wonderbra girl – so her professional service is second to none. Jane is inspired every day by the opportunity to inject a true positive energy into your shopping experience.

Jane knows what it’s like to lack confidence in yourself, or how you look, and understands the huge difference it can make to your life to have a wardrobe style that suits you down to the ground. She prides herself on making sure that you walk out the doors of Redlane oozing confidence in your clothes.

Life’s too short ladies, right?!



Next in the Series… Lisa and Andrea!


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