Meet Our Team – Part 3

Lisa Kavanagh, In-House Stylist

She’s a busy bee, buzzing round the shop floor, making sure everyone has what they need, when they need it.

Our Lisa is on a journey, body and soul, to be the best person she can be on this planet. She appreciates what it’s like to take back control of your body, and the difficulties that follow after a large weight loss as part of that. Finding the best cut and fit is tough when your favourites have changed significantly, and she knows all about that.

Spiritually grounded and straight talking, she will tell you true about what suits you, and what doesn’t, with every item you try on.

Lisa can help you find your way on your own style journey!


Andrea Reddy, In-House Stylist

Though she’s new to retail at Redlane, Andrea’s passion for fashion shines bright out on the shop floor.

With a seriously dilligent dedication to finding you the perfect outfit, she still keeps it fun and enjoyable because of her absolute love of style.

Andrea is recently married, knowing all too well the road of achieving your perfect look for the big day, then how life takes over and that road hits a downward slope with the weight creeping on as you go. Trying to find time to take care of herself while working and minding a house and a family is her challenge right now, so she really relates to all our working mums struggling with their weight who walk through the door.

Self care is so important, and finding your own style is a big part of that.



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