Meet Our Team – Part 4

Kirsten Mate Maher, Model & Stylist

Not just new to Redlane, but relatively new to the world – Kirsten is the baby of our little family at just 19 years old.

She’s our in-house model, so you’ll often see her flawless face and figure gracing the pages of our website and social media. But like all of our more seasoned staff, she’s a freshly trained professional stylist who brings her finger on the pulse perspective to the work we do for you.

With an appreciation of fast fashion, Kirsten loves nothing more than picking up the latest trends – she loves the thrill of new clothes and can’t get enough of our best buys in store.

Sure who doesn’t love wearing a whole new outfit?


Lora O’Brien, Content Manager

Our newest addition to the team at Redlane, she’s also brand new to the world of fashion, so you won’t find Lora suggesting styles on the shop floor, but she’ll be working away in the office below.

Her background as a published author and business journalist, writing for the Sunday Independent and other national media, made her the ideal choice for writing our blog and sorting our web content, and she’ll be the resident wordsmith sending out the exclusive Style Club special offers and news direct to your email inbox.

Lora can empathise with anyone who has never really paid attention to the world of fashion, but has to dip the toe in on occasion for an event that requires clothing a little fancier than her usual jeans and boots. Or, say, for a new job…

She’s learning a lot from the professional style advice she gets every day at Redlane!



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