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Sales Shopping Strategy

There are ways to be super smart with your sales shopping strategy, and the Redlane Style Team are here to help you…

Ok, it might be 50% off in the New Year Sale – but will you really wear that frilly neon jumper that they only have in a size too small for you?

We have all spent money on things we don’t really need during sale time, and a little bit of that is ok – maybe you wouldn’t try that new style or invest that amount in a quality piece at full price, but for half price it’s worth splashing the cash.

Let’s look at the best sales shopping strategy for you to consider, before the madness begins.

Step 1 – Preparation

Go into your room, and pull out all your clothes. Drawers, wardrobes, chests, those extra bits you’re keeping in the kids wardrobes (well, they never hang their stuff anyway do they?), that blanket box under the bed… all of it.

Now really look at what you should get rid of – unless it is worn at least monthly or brings you genuine joy, bin it; figure out what you truly want to keep, and then see where the gaps are.

  • What sort of things do you actually need to complete your wardrobe?
  • Are there events coming up in the next 6 months that you’ll need to dress up for, and do you have the outfits sorted or planned?

Make a little list of what you have that you really don’t need more of, what you need, and what you don’t have but would like to get.

Step 2 – Dress for Success

Sales can get a bit mad, so make sure your outfit on the day of shopping allows for quick and easy changing and trying on clothes (skip the skinnies you need to peel off your legs and wiggle back into – yes, we all do that).

Bring a bag that sits across your body so you have maximum hands free access to whip something off a rail and into the changing room before somebody else snaps it up while you battle with an errant bag strap.

Step 3 – Shop Smart

Obvious things like buying the right size are often overlooked in the rush for a bargain – if it doesn’t fit you now and make you feel amazing, leave it there, hit the gym or whatever you’re promising yourself to do to fit into it, and pick up something wonderful in the summer sales instead.

You have your list (you won’t be skipping step 1 right?!) and probably a budget in mind.

Do check out the online store before you go and get a feel for pieces that might fit what you’re looking for, but don’t invest too much energy in falling in love with a specific colour or style before you actually hit the shop floor – things move fast at sale time and there’s something just as wonderful waiting on the next rail.

Then, when you find something you love, that fits your form right now, and definitely works with other items in your wardrobe, at the right price…

Go for it!



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