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Smash Fashion

Smash began as a concept, an idea and an inspiration, in the wild nightclubs of Amsterdam in 1998.

Those vibrant roots continue to influence their design to this day – Smash pieces have a strong colour statement, with flamboyant and very original graphics, but the collection also includes basic pieces in softer colours that perfectly team up, to create your ideal put-together looks.

The Smash woman is self-confident, creative and young at heart, and wants to dress her personality with style and comfort. She loves to follow the trends… but above all wants the garments she wears have a unique attitude.

The brand moved to Barcelona  in 2005 and got serious about the business of becoming an international clothing company. Their Head Office and distribution centre are still located in the Spanish city. While the location is one of the oldest and most historic cities in Europe, there’s an air of balance to Barcelona, with one foot firmly in history and the other striding forward to avant-garde fashion, art and music.

This shows strongly in the Smash clothing brand, making them a fun and laid back fashion company reflecting the colors, the light and the air of the Mediterranean. They say: “Each time you wear one of our garments, you are wearing a bit of Barcelona.” We like that here at Redlane!

We love their inspiring designs, value for money without compromising on quality, and the wide range they offer across the brand (including sizes up to an 18). There’s an obvious passion for art and graphic design – particularly in their carefully selected prints, which have become the most recognizable attribute of their collections.

Their popularity is clear, with 1.5 million garments sold annually over 40 countries worldwide, and we’re proud to carry them to you.

We offer you an edited Smash collection this season, tailored especially for you, and available for next day delivery within Ireland.


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