Strawberry Body Shape

Is your Body Shape… Superb Strawberry?!

If this is you:

Your heaviest part is on top, with shoulders wider than hips

You gain weight in your upper body and stomach

You have a large chest and very narrow hips


Don’t forget that you could be what we like to call the ‘Fruit Salad’ (yeah, we did come up with that particular one ourselves!). You could have it all going on around the tum but be more top or bottom heavy, you could even be slightly hourglass if you gain a waistline when you drop a few pounds. Once you can identify all of the body shapes you’re leaning towards and understand them, styling yourself will be a doddle!

How are your shoulders?

Not exactly a usual opener, we know, but this question is essential to figuring out if you’re a Strawberry (or inverted triangle) body shape – are your shoulders wider than the rest of your body?

As ever, remember that body type guidelines give us a basis to work from, but they’re not the be-all and end-all by any means, because personal taste, occasion and situation appropriate clothing, and many other factors come into play when choosing an outfit or a wardrobe to work from.

Strawberry shapes are usually fairly well endowed up top, though your little sisters in the boob department are also considered Strawberry, again depending on those shoulder to hip ratios.

On your top half, it’s best to avoid high necklines and closing off your chest by wrapping it in swathes of fabric, or drawing attention and making it all seem bigger with light block colours contrasted to a dark bottom block.

Likewise, boxy jackets and oversized ‘boyfriend’ styles won’t do you any favours. Thin, spaghetti straps will make your shoulders look wider by comparison, while dark skinny jeans and narrow line pencil skirts will only really work for you if you’re already successfully minimising the emphasis on your top half, and drawing attention with stunning statement shoes. Generally, it’ll be easier to just skip them.

Textured fabrics and attention grabbing details and colours are perfect for your hips though, so go nuts with those cargo pants, harem trousers, peplum skirts, and wide flared leg styles. Any skirt that flares from your hips and adds width to your bottom half is great for Strawberries – try on all those full circles, tulips, bias cuts, a-lines, and maxi skirts. You can work in other skirt details like tiers, textured lace, horizontal stripes, pockets, and tapestry embroidery… if you’re shorter, just be aware of carrying too much volume for your height, but that’s really your only consideration.

Body suits are ideal for Strawberries to wear with those fancy skirts, providing a clean sleek line on top. You’ll often find them with square or deep V necklines, and a crossover wrap detail will give an instant slim waist. If your tops are a little loose across the bust that’s fine, but keep it tighter underneath that bosom for definition – anything more and you’ll get lost inside it from the shoulders down.

Get yourself a nice fitted spring jacket, with a skinny lapel and no details at the shoulders, ideally find one that kicks out at the hemline too, adding a nice curve to your hips and waist.

If in doubt, just call into Redlane for your personalised Strawberry styling!



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