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The E-volution of Online Shopping

The good news is, online shopping is up, up, up in Ireland. It was up 85% in 2017, according to preliminary reports.

Why is that good news for you, the customer, who has no stake in the business of an E-tailer (a retailer who sells online)?

It is great news for you, because it shows that the problems we used to have with shopping online are being SOLVED, so you can kick back and enjoy the benefits without the worry!

Problem 1 – Lack of Choosing Support

So much choice! Too much, maybe… How many times have you logged on to buy something and then got a little unsure about which one is right, or overwhelmed, and so you just shut the whole thing down and go back to Netflix? E-tailers these days are stepping up with expertise and true passion – helping you discover products you’ll love, and making sure you can easily pick the product that’s right for YOU.

Problem 2 – Missing Product Information

There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking through to get a more detailed description and drawing a blank, right? We want more information, and our obvious questions answered before we even have to ask them! Up to date E-tailers are savvy to things like using the same structure and spec labels for similar products, to help you compare; and providing answers to your FAQ, so you can make an informed, smart choice on your shopping.

Problem 3 – Getting it Wrong

What if we do all the sensible stuff, make the best choice, and it still doesn’t fit? Or it’s not right, for any number of unforeseen reasons… what then? Never fear! Modern E-tailers understand that sometimes we get it wrong, and sometimes we just change our minds. Excellent easy returns policies, and smart services like Click and Collect (order to secure it online and then pick up in store), means you’ve plenty of scope to get it just right for you, every time.


And I must say folks, in Waterford we’re doing this so well right now. All of the above is foundational to the top quality customer service and care you’ve come to expect from Redlane, of course, but we’re not the only ones by any means.

Altitude are an excellent example, as well as one of our favourites out at Ardkeen Stores. The customer support and expertise there is second to none. We’ve got loads of other local websites too, selling anything you could possibly want to pick up at the click of a mouse… shops like the Book Centre, Keighery’s Antiques, Azurri, Full of Beans, and many more.

And social media is making the shopping experience more interactive than it used to be too, so you can check out what your friends think of a coat or a dress, or check out if your Mammy liked that wine she bought last week, or get ideas on how to use or wear the products you’re spending your hard earned cash on.

We’re living in the future sure, isn’t it great?!


Catherine xx

(owner at Redlane)


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