What To Wear for the Party?!

The boom seems to be back on the party scene in Waterford this year and work nights out are well underway. We’re noticing a marked upturn in enthusiasm regarding same, that has been lacking for the past few years, and as big party fans here at Redlane, we’re only DELIGHTED!

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that in the run up to Christmas and the whole way through to the New Year that there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to embellishment, velvet and sequins.

I can feel some of you already recoiling in horror at the mere mention of such things but c’mon… tis the season to sparkle! If the thoughts are just too much for you, then why not just go for a nod with a sequin clutch or a pair of statement earrings.

That’s a fair compromise, right?

Now might be a good time to mention that if you’re under pressure trying to decide what to wear to an office night out, do not look on the interwebs for advice. It’s full of outdated tripe on how women should dress ‘appropriately’ at office functions: rubbish about not wearing a skirt that’s too short, tops that are too low and other such lousy archaic tidings. Forbes Women even has an article from 2009 advising all us ‘ladies’ to avoid such rig-outs so as not to be “called into question for your poor choices” that will quickly “make you the subject of unwanted stares and gossip”.

Really Forbes??

As I’m sure George Hook can confirm, what women wear – from a burka to a bikini is entirely their own business and a work night out is no exception to this rule.

Speaking of rules, lest we forget that the work night out is no place for getting absolutely smashed, abusing colleagues and busting a bar up – although, maybe in another 10 years that advice may have changed… I will happily hold my hands up if that is the case!

The golden rule here is, wear what you are confident in and men, take note… if you are judging a woman because of what she’s wearing, it’s time to have a chat with yourself. That day has passed.

Anyway, back to the schtyle… The main thing here is to always dress for your shape and make sure you’re comfortable.

We’re in the process of conducting some independent research here in the Redlane Style Club right now, the results of which are not finalised but I’ll give you a little insight… Women’s clothes are sold by size, and while this is an OK indication, women aren’t necessarily a ‘size’, we’re a ‘shape’.

7 out of 10 women that we have surveyed so far DO NOT like shopping because they find it hard to find styles that fit properly and are equating dressing rooms to ‘feeling bad’

My suspicion is that this is because they are trying the wrong shapes. A dress that’s great on a pear shaped lady is usually going to look off balance on a strawberry shaped lady, and vice versa.

We’re on a mission to help you all fall back in love with shopping, and with yourself! Knowing what shape body you are, and what styles suit, is the key!

It’s worth noting at this point that when we speak about body shape styling, we’re not doing it to objectify or pidgeon-hole, but rather to empower you to head to the shops with confidence.

If you’re unsure of your shape, head over to the Style Club where there are lots of resources to help you figure this out. And if you’re still unsure, give us a call – or better still, call in! We’d be delighted to help you figure out where you’re at shape wise and save you money, time and above all, that sinking feeling when you try something that makes you feel like crap.

If you want to be kept in the loop and get involved in our research, make sure you’re a Style Club Member!

The only other style advice I have for the festive season..? Get yourself a nice new pair of pajamas or a cosy onesie… they’re perfect attire for the day after!

So in conclusion; ‘Party Season, What to Wear’? – wear whatever you want girl! (but please do give the sequins a go.)




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