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Your Privacy is Important to Us


There’s a load of talk around right now about the GDPR, online privacy, and keeping your data secure.

Honestly, most of the really technical bits are going over our heads, but there’s one thing we’ve been working hard on for a while now – the privacy, security and comfort of our customers.

It’s important now, as part of this process, that we ask you whether you still want to hear from us?

We’d love to stay in touch with you, and make sure you stay a Member of the Style Club for your exclusive access to discounts, seasonal sales, behind the scenes happenings… and much, much more.

We’d like you to check the information we have on file for you, and update anything you’d like to. Or simply unsubscribe altogether, if you don’t want to hear from us anymore.


If you decide to take no action, your information will stay secure with us, and remain unchanged. Don’t worry, you can update your status easily at any time in the future, because we include these links at the bottom of every email you receive from Redlane. Yup, every single one.

In addition, we have prepared a new, detailed privacy policy to explain and help you understand how, when and why we might store or use your personal data, and how you can control or make changes to any of your information that we may have to store.

And we’ve made it readable for the average person, because NOBODY has time for legal jargon when all you want to know is what the heck a cookie is anyway, and how we might be using it.

Click the Privacy Policy pic below to download the PDF of our Privacy Policy, which you can also find permanently Here on the Redlane Website.


Talk soon…

Catherine  xxx


Redlane Privacy Policy

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