You’re in Charge on Facebook!

As we’ve been reviewing our Privacy Policy (find it here) for the new GDPR legislation, how we control our own info is on our minds.

In the spirit of continuing what we started in the Privacy Policy – helping you with jargon free, useful information about your data and keeping yourself safe online, we’ve got a few things to share about Facebook, in particular.

Mainly, that you’re in charge of what ads you see or don’t see!

Do you get those weird Wish ads, where you’re not even sure what you’re looking at and you definitely don’t want to buy it?

Seriously Wish? A hole for my thigh? WHY?

Seriously Wish? A hole for my thigh? WHY?

That’s not even the oddest one we’ve seen… there’s whole websites dedicated to weirdest Wish ads now.

Anyway, the point is, you can stop it entirely! Or those ads for that one business page you visited 2 years ago out of sheer boredom but have absolutely no interest in?

Here’s a step by step guide, so you never have to see them again!

Hide Ad

When you see an advert you don’t want – they might look like a regular post, but will have that ‘Suggested Post’ tag above, and ‘Sponsored’ under the business name as shown – click on the 3 little dots in the top right and a similar drop down menu will show for you.

Just click on ‘Hide Ad’, as marked by the red arrow above there.

Then Facebook will ask you what’s happening, and you’ve a few options, as shown. For our purposes today, we just click on “It’s not relevant to me”.

Not relevant

Then Facebook says thanks, well done, good job, etc. and it looks done and dusted, but you’ll also see this tucked into your timeline…


And now the fun begins… you get to click on “Manage Your Ad Preferences” and check out what data they have saved for you.

(You can also click here to go directly to it.)

Be warned, there’s likely to be some exceedingly strange ones in there that will have you scratching your head over how or why they are on your ‘preferences’ list. Don’t worry about it, just go nuts with un-ticking anything you’ve no interest in!

We especially like going into the “Advertisers you’ve interacted with” section and deleting most of those.

When you sign up for Facebook’s (free) service, they make their money by letting businesses and organizations connect with the people who are most likely to be interested in their products and services. They are committed though to making sure, as best they can, that the ads you see across Facebook, Instagram, etc. should be useful and relevant to you.


We hope that’s helpful?

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All the best,

The Redlane Team  xxx


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